Create a 21st Century Community

  • Modernize public transportation system
  • Promote urban infill
  • Maintain greenspace, parks and trails
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Revitalize downtown cores
  • Support local food production

Develop Vibrant Economy

  • Support small businesses
  • Attract new business and investment
  • Encourage the green economy
  • Grow our tax base
  • Keep taxes affordable

Enhance City Government

  • Reduce red tape
  • Promote long-term planning
  • Close infrastructure gap
  • Strengthen city services
  • Increase engagement with residents & businesses
  • Partner with local organizations

Promote Diversity & Reconciliation

  • Continue partnership with FWFN
  • Embrace reconciliation mentality
  • Enact TRC and Inquest recommendations

Foster Safe & Dynamic Neighbourhoods

  • Tackle crime
  • Increase youth and senior programming
  • Promote sports and healthy living
  • Invest in community centres

Your Municipal Advocate

  • Listen to you
  • Help residents navigate municipal issues
  • Lobby Provincial and Federal governments
  • Modernize community outreach